Design & Technology



JB Innovations has invested heavily in creative research intelligence and built a vast database that we make exclusively available to our clients to enable them to bring their conceptual ideas to reality.

JB Innovations has set up a system of integral indexes used to analyze past, current and projected future trends in key sectors of design, construction, consumer behavior, lifestyle patterns and technology.

JB Innovations has established a large database of materials consisting of wood, laminates, plastics, metals, fabrics and natural fibers and is constantly working with our engineering and material science teams to offer our clients options in the fabrication of their products and helping them in obtaining maximum visual and structural image and impact.


JB Innovations conducts an in-depth analysis of color and its direct effect upon the senses, as well as keeping a current key index on emerging colors for every upcoming season and the textures, tones and intricacies of each of those colors in key areas, such as fabrics, paint finishes, metals and emerging materials.


JB Innovations is on the cutting edge in package design and structure, helping our clients to further enhance the brand DNA by visually informing and motivating their customers. We employ high tech packaging divisions at each of our overseas offices that utilize state-of-the-art technology and testing protocol to ensure a polished finished product to our clients.


JB Innovations offers our clients a complete and total production experience, utilizing advanced technology to generate a conceptual design, to engineering and refining a prototype, then producing it on a mass scale to exact tolerances overseen by expert quality control technicians, packaging the product and arranging the logistics necessary to deliver it to the client in one smooth and simple one stop process. JB Innovations has the ability to combine emerging technology and innovation translating it into product designs that exhibit the functionality required by the modern consumer’s lifestyle.